Not all rock needs to be larger than 3in x 3in mesh size

Decorative face rock with cheaper railway ballast behind

Gabion fill shall be hard, heavy, free draining and durable. A non frost susceptible (rock or stone type) having a minimum dimension not less than 80% of the mesh opening and a maximum dimension of 8in.

Gabion rock fill weighs approx 2860lbs per yd3.

Railway ballast as gabion fill

Angular rock is the best gabion fill as it provides a good interlock and therefore less deformation of the face occurs. When using rounded river rock as gabion fill, it is recommended that you use the heavier 3/16th gabion baskets, which are less likely to deform under load. 3/16th wire is the preferred choice where an uniform architectural look is required, the gabions are likely to be sat or walked on, and when building narrow supported walls or columns

Prior to filling structural gabions with non standard gabion fill, be sure to obtain approval from the site engineer/project manager

Rocks smaller than 3″ should not be used in erosion control and structural retaining walls

Hand placing “good” gabion rocks at the face of the wall.

Gabion divider panels may be cost effective when machine filling walls over 36inch thick

Different rock sizes for an architectural finish

Coloured rocks used for gabion water feature

Recycled materials and garden art in gabions