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How to Control River Erosion

Gabion River and Stream Erosion benefits are..

1/ Rapid Construction with immediate use.

2/ Disipate flowing water energy.

3/ Semiflexible building blocks for channel stabilisation.

4/ Have an irregular surface to diffuse and reduce river bank scouring.

5/ Gabions use of smaller rock for river bank protection. When large rip rap is unavailable.

6/ Much cheaper, more flexible and greener than concrete.

7/ Can be installed in dry or wet conditions.

8/ Free draining, with no hydrostatic pressure issues.

gabion fence with steps

How Gabion Erosion cages work.

How gabions control flood water

Gabion baskets placed on the outside of the river bend to prevent river bank erosion during floods. Geotech filter fabric is placed behind and underneath the gabion baskets to prevent the movement of soil material through the gabions.

erosion control of river banks

The base layer of gabions should be placed below the expected maximum scour depth, or the toe can be protected with gabion mattresses.

Flood protection river bank erosion gabions

Gabion flood projection must be designed to cope with peak river flows often referred to to as 1 in 50yr floods.

gabion wall erosion control methods

Gabions can be built in all weathers, the contractor has placed timber formwork to hold the gabions straight during machine filling. This wall also has a decorative stone on the face.

Pre filled gabion installation to prevent river erosion

Gabions can be pre filled and lowered into place, for immediate protection.

stream bank erosion protection

Gabions can flex to ground movement, dissipate energy from flowing water, and drain freely. Their strength and effectiveness may increase with time, as silt and vegetaion fill the voids, and reinforce the structure.

river in flood bank erosion protection

In locations where high flood water velocities are expected, carrying woody debris and gravels in suspension, the stronger 3/16th welded gabions are the preferred choice, to resist damage to the gabion structures during floods.

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