Gabion Retaining Wall Design Guidelines
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Gabion retaining walls don't need concrete foundations

Gabion retaining walls need adequate drainage

gabion foundation base without concrete gabion walls need drainage

Gabion retaining walls 2:1 stability guidelines

Walls inclined at a 7deg slope have improved stability. It is possible to build vertical walls they just need to be thicker

gabion stable retaining wall gabion fence seat idea

Commercial engineer designed geogrid reinforced gabion retaining walls.

Small to medium gabion retaining wall size and price guide

gabion stone fencing ideas gabion fence seat idea

Retaining wall profiles and design factors.

gabion stone fencing ideas

Design notes:

No liability is accepted where a typical section is used as a the basis for the final design. The details provided are guidelines only.

The retaining wall toe prevents the gabion wall sliding forwards, the depth of the toe needs to increase as the wall gets bigger. When building gabions on softer soils, both the depth of the toe and the size of the base needs to be increased to spread the load over a wider area. An engineer's design will consider the design limit states and specify the dimensions of the toe and base for your wall.

When the gabion retaining wall is subject to a additional surcharges, from a driveway or other loads, the design will most likely increase the depth of the gabions, to handle the higher expected loads.

When constructing gabion retaining walls in strongly acidic soils(PH over 5.5), the soil and the corrosive groundwater must be separated from the gabion structure by using geotextile fabrics and a properly designed drainage system.

For larger retaining walls and difficult sites, it is recommended that a soil investigation is undertaken and that the wall is designed by a qualified geotechnical engineer.

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