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1/8th or 3/16th diameter Galfan coated wire deflection video

Electronically welded wire mesh 3" x 3" grid

Retaining rock size

3/16th dia wire is 125% stronger than 1/8th (9 gauge) diameter wire

3/16th dia wire is 26.5% stronger than 5/32th (6 gauge) diameter wire

gabion decorative stone wall

Angular rock is the best gabion fill as it provides a good interlock and therefore less deformation of the face occurs. When using rounded river rock as gabion fill, it is recommended that you use the heavier 3/16th gabion baskets, which are less likely to deform under load. Also 3/16th wire is the preferred choice where an uniform architectural look is required.

landscape rocks 2 gabion fence with steps

In locations where high flood water velocities are expected, carrying woody debris and gravels in suspension, the stronger 3/16th welded gabions are the preferred choice, to resist damage to the gabion structures during floods.

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