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If you’re looking to build decorative stone walls, to have flat areas for patios and lawns, gabions are a low cost diy stone wall for your garden. Building a stone wall with gabions keeps the stone wall cost down.

Below are some great landscaping stone wall ideas for your garden.

When your decorative stone walls are being used as a retaining walls, council approval is often required, if they are over a specified height, next to a boundary, or supporting a driveway, car park or other structures. Make sure to check your local authority’s regulations prior to starting work on your retaining wall. Gabion stone walls are a cheap diy freindly alternative to dry stone walls and tradional cement mortared stone walls and they generally don't require a concrete foundation

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The design of all stone walls needs to consider, the soil profile, soil type, (clay, gravel or sand). Stone walls are heavy, and apart from gabion stone walls, nearly all other types of garden stone walls need a reinforced concrete foundation. Site access, the look of the stone wall, material and labour costs, all influence the final stone wall cost. Larger decoartive landscape stones and boulders can be quite expensive per tonne, gabions are able to use cheaper stones thereby reducing the stone wall cost.

Home owners, weekend builders, and diy specialists can build most gabion stone walls depending on size over several weekends. For larger gabion stone walls or curved stone walls, you can get a quotes from, local landscapers, small earthworks contractors and specialist stone masons, who have both the machinery and experience to build the larger curved stone walls quickly for you. Experienced contractors can also assist with the stone wall design ideas needed for your garden project.


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