Stone Gabion Outdoor Fireplace
Design Idea and Pricing

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gabion outside fireplace

Costings for Fireplace

2 gabion baskets 2.1m tall x 0.75m wide x 0.75m deep

Using 4.5mm welded 75mm x 75mm mesh @ $166.59 each = $333.18 incl GST

Costings are an indication only, as no two fireplaces, are  ever the same.

Additional costs that you may incur are firebox, flue, gabion stones, and delivery.

Have your own fireplace design, then email us at with a sketch and dimensions for costing.

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stone gabion fire place


Q. Is the delivery cost expensive?

A. No.The gabions baskets are sent flat packed and are not that heavy. We are able to freight the gabions any where in Australia quite cheaply.


Q. Do I need any special tools to build the gabion fireplace?

A. All you need is a string line and level to get the first baskets in. Then you just stack subsequent baskets on top of each other. The components are all able to be hand placed, no need for heavy lifting machinery. It's that simple!

Q. What  other sizes do the gabions come in?

A, The gabions are imported in flatpack form, in standard sized modules.


stone gabion outside fire place


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