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How to Reduce and Control Road Traffic Noise

All Traffic Noise Barriers Must Be...

1/ As tall as possible, to stop highway noise escaping over the top of the barrier.

2/ As dense as possible, to stop road noise passing through the barrier.

3/ Have no gaps or holes in or under the barrier, that allow road noise to pass through.

4/ Have an irregular surface to diffuse the sound when it hits the acoustic barrier.

5/ Wide enough, so that traffic noise does not get around the sides of the barrier walls.

6/ Constructed to create the most effective acoustic sound shadow possible.

gabion fence with steps

How Noise Barriers work.

How noise barriers reduce sound

Smooth surfaced, reflective concrete noise barriers, will bounce most of the noise back into the environment. The preferred noise wall option, is one controls the sound, absorbs, diffuses and reduces the noise.

The majority of highway noise travels by line of sight, if you can see the trucks you will be able to hear them, a low wall will not stop the noise from the bigger and heavier trucks on our roads today.

Example of poor noise reduction fence

This timber fence is a very poor noise barrier, road noise will travel, over, through and under the fence. With no reduction in sound volumes

Hedge poor noise control reduction

This hedge lets noise over, under and through it. Dense plantings must be over 60 foot wide before they provide any significant noise reduction.

Fence barrier to block street sounds

The corrugated iron fence, is so thin that more than 80% of road noise from a large truck will pass straight through the fence. Not a good noise reduction fence.

Tall gabion acoustic wall with good noise and sound reduction

This gabion wall's surface diffuses and reduces the traffic noise, the noise is unable to go under or through the wall. This creates an acoustic sound shadow behind the wall.

noise barrier shadow zone

Noise barrier wall width    Noise barrier wall width

When constructing an acoustic wall to eliminate highway noise. The height, width and location of the noise barrier wall, dictates the size and shape of your noise shadow.

Sound pentration and reduction of noise fence barriers

Noise from heavy trucks is around 85db. The denser the wall the more noise it stops, a 100% solid timber fence will only stop 25db of noise, the remaining sounds passes through. The gabion noise barrier wall stops the most direct road noise.

Highway traffic sound and noise reduction chart

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