Narrow Gabion Wall Foundation Design
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Narrow tall gabion walls need lateral support posts

Step 1 - Depth of foundation, size and spacing of posts depends on size and height of the wall, soil strength and wind loads.

Retaining foundations

Step 2 - Posts set in concrete, an optional base nib wall, may be required.

gabion foundation compaction

Step 3 - Fit gabion baskets around support posts

gabion sub base compaction

Step 4 - Fill Gabion baskets

finished gabion foundations

Gabion baskets for walls come in a variety of sizes

USA wide delivery, with freight charged at cost.

Email with the wall height, width and your location for a delivered price

Questions and Answers

Q. What spacings should the posts be at?

A. Generally posts are spaced at around 3 foot apart. However this will vary from site to site.


Q. Can I use timber support posts?

A. Yes, but there is less room inside the gabion cage to place the rocks


Q. Do I need the concrete nib wall?

A. Not always, some supported walls only need the posts set in concrete, however the nib wall gives a professional look to the finished wall.




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