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Cheap easy to build retaining walls, shipped all over the USA in kit set

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Q. How soon will I get my gabion baskets?

A. Normally in 2-7 working days of your payment being received, depending on your location.


Q. If I over order will you credit the Gabion Baskets I don't use?

A. Yes, provided the surplus is returned within 14 days of delivery, in saleable condition and you pay the return freight.


Q. Where do I get gabion rockfill?

A. Your local quarry will be able to quote for supply of gabion rockfill, the recommended size range is 3" to 10"


Q. Can I use our "site rock" to fill the gabion?

A. Yes, you can recycle rock and rubble from your site, to fill the gabion as long as the rock is hard and durable. You can also add a separating panel to the gabion basket, to reduce the the amount of decorative stone in your wall.

gabion basket stone seperator panel

Q. What is the difference between welded and woven mesh gabions?

A. Both do the same job, however welded mesh gabions are made from heavier mesh, with smaller openings. The welded mesh gabions therefore hold there shape better, are faster to install, quicker to fill, and give a more uniform look. The woven gabion wall pictured here has a more rustic baggy look than a welded gabion wall. See the You Tube video below with both types of gabions being assembled.

Woven gabion retaining wall

Q. What forms of payment do you take?

A. Credit card payment, prior to goods being dispatched.


Q. How do I pay?

A. We will email you a quote based on the information you provide us, the quote will have all the payment details included.


Q. Can I collect my Gabion baskets?

A. Yes, you just need to book a collection time, so we have your order ready to load with our forklift.


Q. How long will it take to build my gabion wall?

A. Once you have the foundation prepared and leveled, it will only take a few of hours to assemble the baskets. You can machine fill the baskets to speed up installation.


Q. Do you install gabion walls

A. No, our business is focused on the distribution of gabions anywhere in United States. A Google search people who do this work under "retaining walls" or "landscapers".


Q. Is there a minimum order size?

A. You can order any quantity you want.


Q. Do I need a concrete foundation for the gabion wall?

A. This depends on the bearing capacity of the soil, and the size of the wall. Smaller walls and those built on solid rock often don't require a concrete foundation. While larger walls built on softer soils may have a concrete foundation designed to take the weight of the wall.


Q. Can you build curved walls?

A. Yes, have a look at our ideas gallery for pictures of curved walls

curved gabion seating1.jpg serpentine gabion walls curved gabion walls

Q. Can the wall be built on a stepped foundation?

A. Yes, this is a common solution for building walls on uneven ground


Q. Is the delivery cost expensive?

A. No.The gabions baskets are sent flat packed and are not that heavy. We are able to freight the gabions any where in United States quite cheaply.


Q. Do I need any special tools to build the wall?

A. All you need is a string line and level to get the first baskets in. Then you just stack subsequent baskets on top of each other. The components are all able to be hand placed, no need for heavy lifting machinery. It's that simple!


Q. What sizes do the gabions come in?

A, The gabions are imported in flatpack form, in standard sized modules. follow the link below for size and price information.


Q. Does Gabion1's engineer provide standard retaining wall design solutions?

A. Our engineer can email you gabion basket solution for your retaining wall, that can be used for budget purposes. Your council will most likely require a registered engineer's report before granting a building consent. Your engineer will produce a site specific design that allows for soil conditions, groundwater issues, and load surcharges on your retaining wall.




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