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If you’re looking to level the contours of a sloped section, to have flat areas for patios and lawns, you’ll need to design a retaining wall. Properly designed, retaining walls can also be imaginative additions to your property. Below are some great retaining wall design ideas.

Council approval is often required for the design of retaining walls, when they are over a specified height, next to a boundary, or supporting a driveway or other structures. Make sure to check your local authority’s regulations prior to starting the design of your retaining wall. The design of any retaining wall should also include the design of the drainage system, to prevent hydrostatic pressure building up behind the retaining wall. Poor design and no drainage leads to most retaining wall failures. If soil behind the retaining wall and becomes saturated, a poorly designed wall can not support the saturated soil plus the weight of water.

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The design of all retaining walls needs to consider, the soil profile, soil type, (clay, gravel or sand), the final height of the wall and any loadings from driveways and nearby buildings, that will increase the design forces that the wall has to withstand. Site access, the look of the wall, material and labour costs are also factored into the final retaining wall design selected for any project.

Often local authorities require the design work to be done by a registered engineer, before issuing a building consent. The geotech or civil engineers stability calculations, site inspection, design notes and soil analysis are submitted with the consent or permit application.

Home owners, weekend builders, and diy specialists can build most retaining walls depending on size over several weekends. For larger retaining walls you can get a quotes from, local landscapers, small earthworks contractors and specialist retaining wall builders, who have both the machinery and experience to build the larger retaining walls quickly for you.


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