6' Tall Gabion Foundation DesignStone Walls
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Step 1 - Remove topsoil and subsoil to required depth

Step 2 - Compact sub base if required

retaining foundations gabion foundation compaction

Step 3 - Add base coarse and compact to final foundation level

Step 4 - Assemble baskets

retaining foundations finished gabion foundations

Gabion baskets for retaining walls come in a variety of sizes

United States wide delivery, with freight charged at cost.

Email info@gabion1.com with the wall height, width and your location for a delivered price

Questions and Answers

Q. Do I need all this heavy equipment for a 24 inch tall wall?

A. Generally for walls under 3 foot tall on firm ground; all you need to do is remove the first 4 inches of topsoil and replace with gravel.


Q. How much base coarse do I need?

A. Large walls on a soft sub base may need 12" or more, while a small wall on a firm sub base may only need 1" .


Q. Do I need a concrete foundation?

A. Most gabion walls can be built without a concrete foundation, however some supported walls and special engineer designed walls may require a concrete foundation.


Q. How test if my sub base is strong enough?

A. Engineers use a scala penetrometer to do foundation testing. A simple soil stenght test is to hammer a 1/2" steel rod 24" into the sub base, if you can do this easily your base needs to be replaced with base coarse.


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